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domingo, novembro 05, 2006

ETX-90 Digiscoping

Hello All! To the lack of information around the web, about digiscoping with the EXT-90 i invite you all to read some of my experiences with this great portable telescope.

First of all, i had to dismount the RA engine, since my version of etx-90 it's not the spotting scope (i will take care of that later :P)

For now i will show some of pictures of how i'm setting up my digiscope material.

If you have my version of the telescope, bear in my, that you will always have to carry around with the right sided gear, it's seems to be attached to the body of the telescope, i will study that later.

I'm using the tripod SLIK 330DX PRO, it's no manfrotto, but it will do the trick for now, the ext-90 it's not too heavy, with the combo Canon 300D + ETX90, this tripod can handle the weight.

The Slik 330DX comes with this attachment, i find this solution a quick method to detach / attach the camera into the tripod, 5 seconds, and the camera is on the tripod, in this case, the ETX. The piece is made of metal, so, it's hard to break

How do I connect the 300D into this great telescope ?
There is a adaptor ring, from, that connects easily any CANON reflex system into the etx tube.

In the field: In the next image, you can see some comparison between the 50mm provided from the kit lens 18-55mm and the 1200mm from the ext-90. The images are downsampled, but i will provide full resolution from the 1200mm ext lens.

That's all for today! See you in the next post!

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